Rechargeable, Selfie Ring Light for All Phones

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Rechargeable, Selfie Ring Light for All Phones – it’s not only a phone led ring light but also an awesome selfie light for your phone. It glows light for front or back camera conveniently, Never missing any beautiful views. It’s better than the rest model like selfie light phone case. The perfect selfie clip-on light has 3 levels lighting: Low, Medium and High settings for various environment. Just Press the switch button of the mini selfie light to adjust its brightness. It will come in handy whenever you need extra light for making up, taking photos, making videos and live to stream soon! Features: It is convenient to use. You can clip it anywhere. Only a clip and you will enjoy it. 3 BRIGHTNESS LEVELS: Take selfies anywhere, dark nightclubs, Parties, Camping etc. With this selfie Ring Light, we will never have to worry about the dark environment again. With 3 different levels of brightness, you’ll find the perfect lighting needed for your photos. 36 LONG LASTING LED BULBS. High Compatibility: The clipping head can be widely opened. So it can be applied to almost all smartphones in the market, for example, the iPhone. Ultra-wide Lighting Range: It can meet the demand of complementary light in wide ranges and wide lighting angles. Rechargeable, Selfie Ring Light for All Phones for Rs.999 Only at Order Now!

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